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How To Top Up Singtel Prepaid Card and Singtel Roaming Data:

If you would like to top up your Singtel Prepaid card, please select the “TOP UP” button located directly under the expiry date of your sim card and select the balance you would like to top up.

For this example, we will top up $25 to our Singtel Hi!Prepaid card. Topping up other amounts should be the same steps (read more here)

Start Tuition With The Best Tuition Agency In Singapore:

We will be talking about the best tuition agencies in Singapore to start tuition. These are some of the best tuition agency in Singapore (read more here)

Best Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore:

We talk about some of the best things to do in Singapore during the weekends: Going to Battlebox to see an amazing (and air-conditioned) bunker actually used during World War Two! While also going to a great cafe nearby to take spectacular photos! (Le Jardin Restaurant) ( If you are interested, click here read more)

Things To Do At Pulau Ubin – Things to know about Pulau Ubin 2022Best Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore:

Learn about the best things to do at Pulau Ubin and what to know before going to Pulau Ubin! Everyone should visit Chek Jawa Wetlands, visit Chek Jawa Visitor Centre (Also known as House No. 1) and many more! ( If you are interested, click here read more)


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