Best Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore

We separated the sections into different areas of Singapore so be sure to check out the areas you want to go around most!

Battlebox Singapore The Best Singapore
Image Credit: Klook

Where to buy Battlebox tickets (tickets for Battlebox start from $20 SGD per person)

Battlebox Location

Fort Canning Park. 2 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179622

Battlebox Opening hours

Friday to Sunday 9:30am to 5:30pm

Battlebox Contact number

+65 6338 6133

Battlebox is a fun and unique experience in Singapore. Learn about how Lieutenant-General Arthur Ernest Percival and his colleagues tried to fight for Singapore until the last day (LTG Percival has a bad reputation due to the surrender, but he did the best he could with limited resources he had to fight the war. Thanks to the Battlebox tour, we learned that he didn’t have very much resources to properly fight the war) 

We feel that Battlebox Singapore makes the ticket price worth it thanks to the full on tour of the bunker that is included with the $20 ticket price per person

(Fun facts about Battlebox Singapore: Battlebox was awarded the number one Museum in Singapore in 2020 by Tripadvisor and Battlebox Fort Canning has aircon inside so you won’t have to worry about the heat!)

If you are in the Fort Canning area, be sure to visit Le Jardin Restaurant which is only a few minutes walk away!  

If you’re lucky, you might even find some live and wild chickens roaming around! Be sure not to get too close to them

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Battlebox Singapore to learn about a part of Singapore’s world war two history!


Le Jardin Restaurant
Image Credit: Mothership

Where to a reservation for Le Jardin Restaurant

Le Jardin Restaurant Location

Fort Canning Park. 5 Cox Terrace, Level 2, Fort Canning Arts Centre, 179620

Le Jardin Restaurant Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-11:30pm, Sunday 8am-9pm (According to Le Jardin Restaurant website they are closed on Mondays)

Le Jardin Restaurant Contact number

+65 8338 8281

If you are looking for a nice Instagramable place to take pictures at in the town area (specifically Fort Canning area) Be sure to head down to Le Jardin Restaurant! Le Jardin Restaurant is a European themed restaurant located in the heart of Fort Canning Park. With its beautiful interor and exterior, it is an amazing place to for a short adventure into a place different from typical Singapore restaurants!

There are indoor and outdoor seating’s so you will two different ways to enjoy Le Jardin Restaurant!

Some of the meals for breakfast at Le Jardin Restaurant include Croissant Waffle ($24), Potato Rosti ($15). Smoked Salmon Croissant ($19), Truffle and Egg May ($22). 

The Brunch menu at Le Jardin Restaurant  they have Hokkaido Corn Soup ($10), Hokkaido Scallop Aburi ($26), New Zealand King Salmon ($29, Iberico Pork loin ($34) and Argentinian Angus Ribeye ($38). 

The dinner menu at Le Jardin Restaurant Squid Tagliatelle ($22), Atlantic Cod ($32), New Zealand King Salmon ($29, Iberico Pork loin ($34) and Argentinian Angus Ribeye ($38).

Dining times for Le Jardin Restaurant

  • Breakfast starts at 9am and ends at 12.30pm. Last order is at 12.15pm for Breakfast
  • Brunch starts from 1pm to 3.30pm. Last order is at 3.15pm for Brunch
  • Dinner starts at 5.30pm and ends at 9pm. Last order is at 8.30pm for Dinner
Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Le Jardin Restaurant to have a nice meal together with a great place to take nice pictures!
Marina Bay Golf Course

Marina Bay Golf Course Website

Marina Bay Golf Course Location

#01-01 80 Rhu Cross, #01, Singapore 437437

Marina Bay Golf Course opening hours

Tuesdays to Sundays: 7am to 10pm (closed on Mondays)

Marina Bay Golf Course contact number

+65 6345 7788

One of best things to do this weekend in Singapore this weekend is to go to Marina Bay Golf Course! Marina Bay Golf Course is a golf course with 18 holes, driving ranges & practice greens, plus views of Marina Bay and skyscrapers.

Be sure to visit the Marina Bay Golf Course driving range, you will need to purchase a pre-paid card at the Guest Relations Counter or range kiosks (The pre-paid card costs $15) For more details on the driving range at Marina Bay Golf Course please visit this link

Marina bay Golf Course is a public golf course (meaning you won’t need to be a member in order to access their facilities)

If you are at the Marina Bay Golf Course, be sure to eat lunch/dinner at The Canopy Cafe (Please Note, The Canopy Cafe is an open air restaurant but the view is beautiful and the scenery is amazing for a date or even just to relax and study!)

Marina Bay Golf Course Price

Click here for Marina Golf Course Booking

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Marina Bay Golf Course to have a great lunch and golf session while also having one of the best views in Singapore!

Singapore Duck Tour The Best Singapore
Image Credit: Duck Tour Singapore

Where to book tickets for Singapore Duck Tour

Singapore Duck Tour Pickup Location

Singapore Suntec Convention Centre. 3 Temasek Blvd, #01-330 Suntec City, Singapore 038983

Singapore Duck Tour Opening Hours

Monday to Thursdays 9am to 6.30pm

Singapore Duck Tour Contact number

+65 6338-6877

Ride the original, award-winning DUCKtour! Hop-on and experience a unique land and sea adventure on an amphibious craft. Over 1 million passengers and 18 years of perfect safety record! Observe the splendid city view from the waters! Cruise along key sites through the Civic District!

Be sure to check out the promotions page for the Singapore Duck Tour!

As of writing (16 May 2022) Singapore Duck Tours is having a promo where if you are a Singaporean, tickets will only cost $34.40/per adult or $26.40/per child. 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go for the Singapore Duck tour so that you can see Singapore’s central district from a different perspective!

Singapore Luge
Image Credit: Klook

Where to buy Singapore Luge Tickets

Singapore Luge Location

1 Imbiah Road, S099692

Singapore Luge Opening hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (11am to 7.30pm) Friday and Saturday (11am to 9.30pm)

Singapore Luge Contact number

+65 6274 0472

Skyline Luge, located on the beautiful island of Sentosa, is Singapore’s best gravity-fueled thrill attraction!

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of one of their unique three-wheeled Luge carts and let gravity take care of the rest. As you ride down four purpose-built tracks with hairpin bends, thrilling tunnels, and downhill slopes through a mystical forest that lights up after sundown, you have complete control over your speed!

As of writing (16 May 2022) Singapore Luge Price starts for Singapore Luge’s website start from $22 (2 Luge and 2 Skyride Combo Off-Peak) to $36 (4 Luge and 4 Skyride Combo Flexi) per person. Singapore Luge Price for Singapore Luge tickets start from $22.50 (2 Luge and 2 Skyride) to $29.50 (4 Luge and 4 Skyride plus Digital photo) 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to the Singapore Luge so that you can experience for a luge in Singapore!

Headrock VR
Image Credit: Klook

Where to buy Headrock VR Tickets

HeadRock VR Location

80 Siloso Road, Southside Block B, #01-03, 098969

HeadRock VR Opening hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (11am to 7.30pm) Friday and Saturday (11am to 9.30pm)

HeadRock VR Contact number

+65 696 34127

Are you looking for a destination where you may have a lot of fun and adventure? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a virtual reality experience. There’s always something fresh and interesting for everyone in the VR PLAY ZONE and the newly introduced children’s playground – Hello My Dino! series in the KIDS MEDIA INTERACTIVE ZONE.

Have you always wanted to try playing Beat Saber in Singapore? HeadRock VR Singapore has not one but two dedicated machines for Beat Saber! 

As of writing (16 May 2022) If you purchase tickets from the official website for HeadRock VR Price per person ranges from $5 (HeadRock VR – Admission Ticket to VR PLAY ZONE only (non-playing individuals) to $53.50 (PLAY 7 Package (VR PLAY ZONE) – Valid for January 2022 purchase onwards)

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to HeadRock VR to play VR games and rides!

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Visit Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark for a great waterpark experience in Singapore!

Adventure Cove
Image Credit: Time Out

Where to buy Adventure Cove tickets

Adventure Cove Waterpark Location

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, 098269

Singapore Adventure Cove opening hours

Fridays To Sundays 10am to 5pm

Singapore Adventure Cove Contact Details


Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster isn’t Adventure Cove’s only claim to fame! From zooming down high-speed water slides to drifting lazily down a winding river; snorkelling with 20,000 marine fish to wading with friendly rays in the shallows. There’s a wave of fun waiting for the thrill-seeker and nature lover in you, here at Adventure Cove Waterpark. So get your goggles ready!

As of writing (16 May 2022) Adventure Cove Price ranges from $24/per child to $32/per adult (If you buy these Adventure Cove Tickets from their official website, Klook or Traveloka you get a free $5 Adventure Cove Waterpark Meal Voucher (with a minimum spend of $10)

Can I rent a locker at Adventure Cove and what is the Adventure Cove locker price?: Yes, there will be a one-time locker fee (for the day) that allows unlimited access during your entire day of visit. Lockers are available in Small (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and Large (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) sizes. Costs of the lockers for daily rentals are SGD10 (Small) and SGD20 (Large) during park operating hours. 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Adventure Cove Waterpark to have a fun weekend playing with slides and other attractions!

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Visit one of Singapore’s newest and most exciting museums

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Where to buy Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum tickets

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Location

2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum opening hours

Tuesdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm (closed on Mondays)

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Nearest MRT

One-North MRT (Circle Line)

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum contact number

+65 6601 3333

Want to lay your eyes on the three sauropod dinosaur fossils that are more than 80% complete? No, this is not a sci-fi movie. You can see all of that in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore. The museum is a majestic 7-storey building covering a floor space of 8,500 square meters housing over a million regional specimens. 

Opened in April of 2015, the museum is one of the youngest in Singapore, yet is home to one of the oldest collections inherited from its predecessor — the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. At the museum, you will get to learn about the diversity of life on Earth, travel back in time and see the plants, amphibians, mammals and dinosaurs in 16 thematic zones.

As of writing (16 May 2022) Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum ticket prices per person range from $8 (If you are a Singaporean, PR child, Singaporean/PR Student, Singaporean/PR Senior Citizen or Full-time NSF with 11B) $15 (If you are a Singaporean Citizen/PR Adult) $12 (If you are a Non-Singaporean Student, Child or Senior Citizen above 60 years old) and $20 (If you are a Non-Singaporean Adult) These are the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum ticket prices if you buy tickets from Sistic.

  • Complimentary guided tours are available from Thursdays to Sundays at 1:00pm (except for public holidays)
  • Registration for guided tours is done at ticketing counters on site
  • Note: guided tours are conducted by volunteers and are subject to availability (So be sure to check before going!)
Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum to learn more about fossils and to see them in person! (among other things)

Marina Barrage

Visit one of the best places in Singapore to have picnics and fly kites!

Marina Barrage Singapore
Image Credit: PUB

Marina Barrage Website

Marina Barrage Location

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, 098269

Marina Barrage opening hours

Marina Barrage Opening hours: 24/7 except for certain areas. (Feel free to check out the Marina Barrage FAQ page here to know more)

Marina Barrage Contact number

+65 6514 5929

Be sure to visit Marina Barrage if you want a nice place to have a picnic in Singapore, to fly kites or just to relax and enjoy the greenery and the beautiful view! 

While you’re there, be sure to visit the Marina Barrage Water Playground! (at the time of writing, you will need to book a slot here)

Marina Barrage is free and you will not need to make a booking to have a picnic or to fly kites etc. (please note that availability of public space is on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

Marina Barrage FAQ

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Marina Barrage for a picnic, to fly a kite or just to enjoy the amazing view!

Marina Bay Sands Sampan Ride

Enjoy a unique experience riding through a sampan ride in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Sampan Ride
Credit: Singapore Airlines

Where to buy Marina Bay Sands Sampan tickets

Marina Bay Sands Sampan Ride Location

Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue B2, Canal Level, The Shoppes at, Marina Bay Sands, 018956

Marina Bay Sands Sampan Ride Opening hours

Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Marina Bay Sands Hotline

+65 66888868

Take a leisurely ride along the Canal at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in a beautifully crafted Sampan boat.

Make a wish as you circle the Rain Oculus, an eco-friendly installation comprising a 22m-wide acrylic bowl that collects the rainwater that fills the Canal. If you are lucky, you may also get a close-up view of the hourly water cascade. Over 22,000 litres of water are released per minute from a skylight two storeys overhead, making for quite an impressive sight.

As of writing (16 May 2022) If you purchase tickets for the Sampan Boat Ride at Marina Bay sands directly from Marina Bay Sands Official website, you are able to get 30% off tickets if you register for a free membership with Sands Rewards Club or Sands Rewards Lifestyle. 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go for the Marina Bay Sampan Ride so that you can experience Venice in Singapore!

Pulau Ubin Map
Image Credit: NP Parks (Pulau Ubin Map)

Pulau Ubin Website

Pulau Ubin Ferry Location

Changi Point Ferry Terminal, 51 Lor Bekukong, Singapore 499172

Ferry To Pulau Ubin Timing

Pulau Ubin ferry operates from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pulau Ubin Contact Details

+65 65424108 

Read more about Pulau Ubin and the best things to do at Pulau Ubin here

Arguably one of the best things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Pulau Ubin.

Be sure to visit the Chek Jawa Visitor Centre (House No. 1) To see how Singapore or Temasek used to use Seashells as our currency while also being able to take awesome pictures at the viewing jetty located right infront of Chek Jawa Visitor Centre!

Shaped like a boomerang, Pulau Ubin is situated just off the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore. Once a cluster of five smaller islets separated by tidal rivers, it has since been united by the building of bunds for prawn farming to become a single 1,020-hectare island. Two other islets, Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) and Pulau Sekudu (Frog Island), lie to its south.

In the early days, granite mining supported a few thousand settlers. Much of the original vegetation was cleared for the cultivation of rubber and crops like coffee, pineapple, coconut and jasmine. Today, abandoned granite quarries remain as picturesque relics of Ubin’s history, while forests and grasslands have regenerated to cover up the ravages of the past.

Please note the Ferry to Pulau Ubin costs $4 per person one way ($2 extra if you are bringing your own bicycle). The ride takes around ten minutes. There are no scheduled departure time to and from as bumboats set off only when there are 9 to 12 passengers. Please confirm the fare with the bumboat operator incase there are price changes. 

How go Pulau Ubin: To go to Pulau Ubin you will first need to Head to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Near Changi Village Hawker Centre) and board a bumboat headed for the island. Please note the ferry to Pulau Ubin starts at 7am and ends around 7pm daily and that each boat takes a maximum of 12 passengers.

If you have more questions about Pulau Ubin, be sure to read this FAQ page about Pulau Ubin from NP Parks

What to do at Pulau Ubin

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Pulau Ubin to escape the busy life of mainland Singapore while enjoying a different type of life!

Camp At Pulau Ubin

Enjoy one of the best places to camp in Singapore far away from the cars and city life most of us are used to by camping overnight at one of the many Pulau Ubin camp sites!

Kayak In Pulau Ubin

Arguably one of the best things to do is to Kayak in Pulau Ubin. There are many nights places to kaya in Pulau Ubin!


Wild Wild Wet

Enjoy one of Singapore’s best waterparks located in the eastern part of Singapore

Wild Wild Wet
Credit: Klook

Where to buy Wild Wild Wet ticket

Wild Wild Wet Downtown East Location

1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599

Wild Wild Wet Opening hours

Wednesdays to Mondays: 12pm to 6pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Wild Wild Wet Contact Number/Hotline

+65 6581 9128

One of the best things to do this weekend in Singapore is to have a splashing great time at Wild Wild Wet Singapore!

Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s largest water parks that promises a day of thrills and spills for the whole family. Situated in Downtown East, it remains one of the most popular attractions and was voted Top 5 Water Parks in Asia under TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice in 2019 and 2020. It was also the Travellers’ Choice Top 10 award recipient from 2014 to 2016.

Wild Wild Wet Price for tickets range from: 

$19. Child (3 – 12 yrs) Senior Citizen (55 years old & above) nEbO members (NTUC Members get 30% off so its $13.30 if you’re a NTUC member)

$26. Adult (13 yrs & above) (NTUC Members get 30% off so its $18.20 if you’re a NTUC member)

(Prices above is if you purchase tickets from 
Wild Wild Wet Official Website)

Be sure to check out the Wild Wild Wet promotions page to see the latest Wild Wild Wet Promo!

Wild Wild Wet Locker prices are as follows: Small $12 (Peak) $10 (Off-Peak) Medium $14 (Peak) $12 (Off-Peak) Large $20 (Peak) $18 (Off-Peak) Extra Large $25 (Peak) Off-Peak $22 (Off-Peak)
(All prices are Per Day. Wild Wild Wet Premium Members get $2 off) 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Wild Wild Wet to ride the different slides all over the park!

Wild Wild Wet Map
Credit: Wild Wild Wet Singapore (Wild Wild Wet Map)
Science Centre Singapore
Image Credit: Visit Singapore

Where to buy Science Centre ticket

Science Centre Location

15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081

Science Centre opening hours

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 1:00pm (Last Entry: 12:15pm), 2:00pm – 5:00pm (Last Entry: 4:15pm)

Science Centre Singapore contact number

+65 6425 2500

Learn with your family at Science Centre Singapore, acclaimed as one of the top science centres in the world. Explore this learning institution and discover the different branches of science that will inspire the next generation of kids

Science Centre’s Highlights! Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic Mirror Maze & The Mind’s Eye Exhibition!

Butterflies Up-Close: Get up close with butterflies @ Singapore’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary! See what different butterfly species go through, from an egg to a beautiful winged adult

Get set for an eye-opening experience @ Omni-Theatre Fulldome Movie with crystal-clear images on a 23m wide dome screen, crisp surround sound and specially designed seating!

As of writing (16 May 2022) If you are a Singaporean/PR and if you go to Science Centre on an off-peak day (Friday unless it is a public holiday). You will be able to get a free ticket! (Be sure to get the ticket from their website here or go down in person and ask the ticket counter for the free ticket. You will need to present your IC to verify before being able to get your ticket.

Click here to find out the ticket prices for Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™, Omni-Theatre and Snow City Singapore. 

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Science Centre Singapore to see al the different exhibitions!

Singapore Discovery Centre

Go for a lake boat ride, watch movies are among some of fun things to do at Singapore Discovery Centre!

Singapore Discovery Centre
Image Credit: Singapore Discovery Centre

Where to buy Singapore Discovery Centre tickets

Singapore Discovery Centre Location

510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365

Singapore Discovery Centre opening hours

Mondays to Fridays (12pm to 7pm) Saturdays and Sundays (11am to 8pm)

Singapore Discovery Centre contact number

+65 6792 6188

Things to do at Singapore Discovery Centre:

Guided Tour – Permanent Exhibits Gallery – Through the Lens of Time

Journey through time to experience the evolution of Singapore from our early days under the rule of the Malay Kingdom to the bustling metropolis that we are today. Discover how we triumphed through tumultuous times and turned challenges into opportunities, guided by the Singapore Spirit that continues to shape us today. As you embark on a guided tour with us, listen to the stories of our Singapore Story Guides and share with us your own, so that we may understand Singapore better through lively conversations with you.

XD Theatre Ride
Boasting the latest technology in 4D simulation rides, the XD theatre features state-of-the-art patented technology, that will give you a thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat! (Ticket price for XD Theatre Ride at Discovery Centre Singapore are $10 for adults and $8 for children) Book tickets for XD Theatre Ride here
Singapore Discovery Centre Laser Tag – Black Lake Laser Battlefield

Experience the fun of laser tag at Singapore Discovery Centre! (Prices for Laser Tag – Black Lake Laser Battlefield are $15 for adults and $12 for children) Book tickets for Laser Tag – Black Lake Laser Battlefield here

Pedal Boat – 2 Seater/Pedal Boat – 4 Seater

Take a break and rent one of Singapore Discovery Centre’s pedal boats for a leisurely scenic ride around the Discovery Lake! (The pedal boat ride will be approximately 15 minutes) Prices for Pedal Boat at Discovery Centre are $5 dollars per boat (for 2 seaters) or $10 per boat (for 4 seaters) Book tickets for Discovery Centre Pedal Boat here for 2 seaters or here for 4 seaters

Singapore Discovery Centre Escape Room

Get ready to have fun with the only escape room in the west! Check out all the Singapore Discovery Centre Escape Room’s here! Prices for Singapore Discovery Centre Escape Room are $35 (per adult) or $24 (per child)

Singapore Discovery Centre Paintball

Crossfire Paintball at Singapore Discovery Centre is Singapore’s ONLY Multi-tiered Paintball Arena! Go on down for a game at Singapore Discovery Centre’s Crossfire Paintball where you get to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. Prices for Singapore Discovery Centre Paintball for 5 people are $120 with 500 paintballs.

Watch the latest Movies at Singapore Discovery Centre 
Singapore’s largest flat-screen theatre featuring the latest movies and Singapore stories films. Check out the latest movies for Singapore Discovery Centre movie here (tickets start at $7 per person)

See what else you are able to do/see at Singapore Discovery Centre here

As of writing (16 May 2022) Guided tours of the Permanent Exhibits Gallery are available daily at these timings: Fridays to Sundays and Public / School Holidays at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Guided tours are around 45 minutes in duration. Tour tickets are $4 per person. Singaporeans/Singapore PR’s get free entry to Singapore Discovery Centre’s Through the Lens of Time. For Non-Singaporeans/Singapore PR’s you will need to purchase an admission ticket here. The Singapore Discovery Centre ticket price are $10 for adults and $8 for children (aged 3 to 12 years old)

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Singapore Discovery Centre to learn more about Singapore’s history!

Orto Singapore
Image Credit: ORTO

ORTO Singapore website

ORTO Location

81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198

ORTO opening hours


Certain parts of ORTO are not open 24/7 be sure to check their timings!

ORTO contact number

+65 6257 8858


Prawning @ ORTO is the LARGEST prawning facility in Singapore! Be enthralled with the thrill of catching up your own seafood and at the same time having close bonding with your families and friends. Prawning @ Orto is opened 24-hours daily, with a total of 10 ponds consisting mainly of big head prawns and yabbies.
Do check out ORTO’s Facebook page for updates of special events, contests and giveaways where some of ORTO’s lucky customers might walkaway with attractive cash and prizes. According to ORTO, all baits and rods will be provided by ORTO so come down now for an unforgettable prawning experience! Electric grills are available around ORTO’s premises to grill the prawns that you have caught at no extra cost. Prices for prawning at ORTO range from $20 (1 hour) to $108 (10 hours). 


Unsure of where to bring your kids to play during the weekends? Forget about the air-conditioned places like shopping malls or movie theaters! Bring them outdoors into the sun and fun to experience the popular old-school activity. Longkang Fishing was a popular hobby among the children living in the 60s. Back then, children would visit these “Longkangs” (Drain in Malay) or natural streams after and during the rain to catch small fishes, usually with glass/plastic containers or bottles. 
Let your child re-live this experience again! For only $14.00 (inclusive of GST), each child would be given a plastic tank and a fishing net (returnable). Longkang Fishing at ORTO uses non-slip concrete flooring for their finishes and the pond is specially gradient from depths of 10cm to 30cm, catering to kids of different height and age. Longkang Fishing at Orto’s opening hours are: Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00AM to 8:00PM. Be sure to check out their Facebook Page for any updates.


Looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun? Katapult Trampoline Park is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and is the perfect venue for healthy family fun, birthday parties, and corporate and group events. Katapult’s interconnected trampolines offer several activity areas like slam dunk, dodgeball, wall running, free-fall into airbag, specialized fitness classes and many more! Prices for Katapult range from $15 for 1 hour and $28 for 2 hours (Weekdays and School Holidays) $19 for 1 hour and $35 for 2 hours (Weekends and Public Holidays) Be sure to book tickets for Katapult Trampoline Park here.

Eat at ORTO Boat Noodles (BKK BISTRO & BAR)

ORTO Boat Noodles opens till late at night with a wide variety of cheap, good and fast eats. BKK Bistro and Bar has grown to be a favorite supper spot for night owls. BKK Bistro and Bar alfresco setting boasts of a relaxed and out of city vibes for a refreshing change of pace. Check out ORTO Boat Noodles menu and prices here! Orto Boat Noodles opening hours: Mondays to Sundays 5pm to 2am

Click here for more details on Prawning @ ORTO
Click here for more details on Longkang Fishing at ORTO
Click here for more details on Katapult Trampoline Park at ORTO
Click here for more details on ORTO Boat Noodles

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to ORTO so that you can eat ORTO Boat Noodles, go prawning, Longkang Fishing and Katapult Trampoline park!

Coney Island Singapore/Serangoon Island

Go for a walk around Coney Island/Serangoon Island

Coney Island Singapore
Image Credit: Steel Wool via Flickr

Coney Island Website

Coney Island Singapore Location

Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, 829325

Coney Island opening hours

Monday to Sundays: 7am to 7pm

Coney Island contact number

+65 1800 471 7300

One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Coney Island with friends! 

Besides being rich in history, Coney Island Park houses a wide variety of habitats, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. It is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, some of which are critically endangered. Some plants at the park are presumed nationally extinct in the wild.

Try spotting one of 80 species of birds on Coney Island Park, including the resident male Baya Weavers weaving their large and intricate nests from flowering Acacia trees. Hear the Oriental Magpie-robin’s songs from the forest, or follow the flocks of parakeets flying through the forest canopies. 

The different habitats in the park allow for a high diversity in bird species, thus making the park an ideal location for birdwatching. With its rich biodiversity in a rustic setting, Coney Island Park offers much to explore for bird and nature enthusiasts.

The rustic Coney Island Park is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. It focuses on conserving energy and water, recycling and retaining of the natural elements in the park. The timber from uprooted Casuarina trees were collected and recycled into park signage, seats, benches, boardwalk, and exhibits at Casuarina Exploration.

Start exploring the forest and mangrove habitats on the newly built boardwalk and move on to the beach which can be accessed at five locations. You may also ride through the island along the 2.5 km Coney Island Park Connector, taking in the beautiful promenade view of the Serangoon Reservoir.

Learn more about Coney Island Singapore here!

Summary: One of the great things to do this weekend in Singapore is to go to Coney Island/Serangoon park to enjoy nature while being able to see many different environmental initiatives!

Coney Island Map
Image Credit: NP Parks Singapore
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